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Our Clients

Rockefellers founded their own family office, which is still in existence and provides services to other families. As the CFFW our team has the experience of wealth, success, and the educated years of tried and tested measures to be successful to families.


With the progressive growth of the family tree — owing to the birth of children and grandchildren and the addition of in-laws — and an increase in the complexity of the family’s asset base, families usually professionalize their private wealth management.

Since the individual services of a family-office are tailored to the clients, and the family, and are correspondingly costly, the amount of family wealth under management is generally at least US $200Mil for setting up a single-family office or multi-family office is which is much lower due to bundled families.


Privacy and confidentiality for many families is the most important aspect of handling their private wealth bringing the highest level of privacy and confidentiality. The family office often is and should be, the only entity that keeps all the information for all family members, covering the entire portfolio of assets and general personal.


Thereby, disclosing whom is a client is usually a secretive affair for a single family office or multi-family office.

We offer timely solutions for clients and their families.

We do have minimum requirements for our services. Feel free to reach out to us for questions and concerns.

Our Solutions

This may sound obvious, but our clients seek real help to solve their problems.

Our Objectives

Not all of our clients consider themselves financially affluent.

How Much?

Whatever our client’s financial means, none of our clients plan to “spend it all.

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We know when we do a great job, our clients recommend us.

The experience we would like for our client is the same as having a health check-up from your doctor. If we assess often, we can catch any potential problem before it becomes too large to handle.

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What Do We Do?

Review each client’s situation and use the best tools available to affect client-first solutions.

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