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Where financial solutions & automation intersect.

  • property & casualty insurance
  • employee benefits
  • individual and family insurance planning
  • asset protection & wealth preservation
  • business planning
  • legacy, wealth transfer & tax planning

Insurance for Business

Finding Solutions


Shield your business from potential financial burdens. Our expertise lies in offering comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to various sectors. Whether you need coverage for medical malpractice within physician groups, surgery centers, or general liability for small business owners, we’ve got you covered. We also cater to the insurance needs of restaurants, including bars and taverns, contractors, non-profit organizations, municipalities, manufacturers, distributors, and more.

Retirement Planning


RETIRE WELL is a concept that emphasizes the importance of intelligent planning and preparation for retirement. It revolves around making informed decisions and managing finances wisely in order to enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling post-work life. It involves creating a robust retirement plan, which may include saving and investing properly, considering insurance and healthcare needs, and exploring various sources of income. RETIRE WELL also encourages individuals to remain engaged and active during retirement, maintaining social connections and pursuing personal interests. By adopting a RETIRE WELL mindset, individuals can enhance their financial security and overall well-being during their golden years.